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Hard Times Require Creative Leaders

Brian Schutt saw the COVID crisis through two different lenses.

First, for the last 11 years he has been the owner of Homesense Heating/Cooling. In that role, he has built a company that focused on being a collaborative partner with its customers, solving problems and not just making sales.  That approach is paying off now.

“We have a decade of trust built up with our clients,” says Schutt. 

Because of that trust, they have successfully adjusted their services to focus even more on the safety of all involved, including the wearing of masks, gloves and other forms of PPE.  Those changes may last a long time, perhaps forever. 

Additionally, the product they deliver may also be in higher demand as the need for better indoor air quality will be important to the resumption of normal life, whether in residential or work settings. The experience has not been easy but Schutt and his team have creatively managed through it.

“Its been a humbling experience for sure but also one that creates opportunity.”

Opportunity for Those Who Create It

Opportunity is what the people who have their businesses at Refinery46 are looking for.  Schutt co-founded Refinery46 in 2016 and touts it as “a first-of-it’s-kind co-working space focused on home services and building trades. Its based in South Broad Ripple, Indianapolis and offers top class amenities, business improvement seminars, and relationship-based networking opportunities.”

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The space currently has 25 tenants in the home service sector and many were deemed essential during the COVID quarantine.  But that didn’t mean things were easy.

“We tried to help our businesses build relationships even in hard times. It was amazing how nimble everyone has been as they kept their businesses going.”

Schutt comes back to trust as a key factor in keep an operation going in tough times. 

“There is a lot of grace for imperfection as long as you are thoughtful about what you are doing.”

He also observed first-hand how successful leaders were navigating the crisis by adjusting products and services. 

“Creative leaders find a way through times of crisis, while those unwilling to change have a hard time.”

Schutt believes that ultimately Indiana will rebound from this experience and perhaps there will be a new emphasis on buying and supporting more local products and companies.   He thinks Hoosiers will be more interested in spending money and making commitments with businesses and people they know.

“Buying local will take on a new sense of commitment to your community.”

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