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Hoosiers are committed to K12 education

Indiana taxpayers commitment to K12 education is obvious.  According to the National Association of State Budget Officials (NASBO) Indiana is top 5 in the nation when it comes to percentage of money a state spends from its budget on K12 education.  


Additionally, Hoosiers spend .72 cents of every new dollar the state takes in on education, once you exclude large legacy programs of Medicaid and Department of Child Services, programs which take care of some of our most vulnerable neighbors, both young and elderly. 

What’s Changed Recently?

Governor Holcomb and the state legislature have shown their commitment to education in many other ways in recent years, including:

  • The expansion of the On My Way Pre-K program
  • Making computer science mandatory in all schools
  • Leading the fight for increased and competitive teacher pay
  • Creating a variety of graduation pathways so that all students can find their own way to success
  • Giving schools more flexibility to develop partnerships with business and higher education so they can provide more ways for their students to be college or career ready.

To sum it all up.