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Indiana spends half of its budget on K12 education.

How much money should be spent on K12 education is up for debate but in Indiana, taxpayers have shown their commitment to education by investing more than half of the state’s biennial budget to support educating our children.  


Hoosier taxpayers have added $1.8 billion in education funding

In the most recent budget session, Governor Holcomb and state lawmakers supported a budget that increased K12 education funding by a total of $760 million, bringing the total two-year investment in education to $17.37 billion dollars.  This represents just over half of the roughly $34 billion dollars that will be spent by the state over the next two years.  In the current school year, $8.6 billion dollars will be allocated by the state to support K12 education. 

Steady Growth after the Great Recession

The latest budget continued a trend of increasing funds for education.  Over the last 10 years, Hoosier taxpayers have added $1.8 billion in education funding to support students, schools, teachers and administrators, a 21% increase since the nation went through the great recession.